Mom Fitness: Combining baby bonding time with a cheeky workout

Guided Visualization
February 18, 2019
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Mom Fitness: Combining baby bonding time with a cheeky workout

What is Guided Visualization

I had no idea what being truly sleep deprived meant until I had my first daughter.  It was also a cesarean so I couldn’t exercise for 6 weeks. By the time I was allowed to return to yoga and pilates I couldn’t even “find” my core let alone activate it. Often times I would make myself a cup of tea, get distracted, notice that the tea got cold, and when I warmed it up, I simply forgot it in the microwave. It was that kind of tired when your brain shuts off. ”

My friend, who also had a baby, and I decided to work out together. I created a short workout with a few exercises using our babies as weight. Now I won’t lie, it’s not the same as going to the gym or doing one of your usual hard core workout classes. However, being able to combine mommy-time-bonding-with-the-baby with getting in a workout was so rewarding.

  The days I did a mom and baby workout I had so much more energy than the days that I didn’t.  My muscle tone and strength were improving each week. Even after I began going back to the gym and yoga studio, my workout with the baby remained a fun bonding time for us and I was able to have “me” time too.

The results were great. My daughter was first surprised, but soon she loved this active time with me. (or what was your baby’s reaction?) I got my abs back and felt the muscle tone of my legs and arms return.  It also helped with carrying the baby because the added arm and core strength meant I didn’t get tired or suffer from back or neck pain.  It was hard to believe that I could achieve the same results in such short workout bursts as I used to achieve in one to two hour sessions at the gym.

Now that my girls are older (7 ½ and 9 Years old), I love working with my clients who have babies and small children.  I especially love helping moms who “feel stuck at home”. I have been there. It is such a great balance to combine your healthy lifestyle with time spent with your little ones.  You are also teaching them valuable lessons on making a healthy lifestyle important.

Quick tips for the best workout:

Morning is usually the best time for both you and the baby.  The baby has (hopefully) just had a big sleep and you are best exercising in the morning to kick start your metabolism.

  Otherwise, find a time just after nap time so your baby is not tired and preferably 1 hour after feeding to avoid tummy issues.

  Remember that this is also bonding time with the baby, so if he/ she starts crying just take the time to cuddle to keep a happy workout routine for both of you.

You should always ask your doctor when it is ok for you to begin exercising after giving birth but it is often 4 to 6 weeks.

Here’s a video of the mom and baby workout at home that I developed with my little girls.

Each exercise can be done for 10 reps each for a quick workout but you can do more if you want to a bigger challenge. It’s great for busy moms who have no time for themselves. I would love to hear from you: how is your mom fitness going? Leave me a comment below.


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