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Originally a physiotherapist and pilates/ yoga instructor, I saw a missing link in healthcare.  I found that many of my clients with unexplained symptoms and chronic pain had suffered through a trauma like death of a loved one or divorce or even a series of small stressful events.  I found that by addressing those issues most of my clients reported better symptoms – it seemed that their perception of the problem could be better or worse based on what was going on in their life and how they were coping with it.  I created the Megginson Method as a combination of mind training techniques to give people strategies for coping with everyday stresses and toxic people and events.  These methods also deal with issues from the past that create anxiety, depression and stress in our daily life.  I feel that the fusion of mind training strategies combined with modern medicine is the way forward in healthcare – so that we are promoting wellness not just treating sickness.  I am passionate about teaching others to to take their health and wellness into their own hands and to empower them with techniques to put them in control.


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Penney Megginson

My first realisation of the connection between mindset and the body came with an elderly patient called Mary.  She was miserable to all of the therapists and very unhappy.  She suffered from chronic back and neck pain.  There was no diagnosis showing anything more than average degeneration in her spine from age.  After spending a session with her where we spoke about her family, she told me about losing her husband and son in the same year and that she had no other family/ friends.  I realised that she had not been able to talk about this with anyone and simply needed to morn.  I was amazed that after our session where I said very little but just allowed her to talk while I was giving her a simple physio massage, she became dramatically better.  She even started wanting to exercise and lose weight and she eventually got a dog to keep her company on her daily walks that she began. The back and neck pain were gone and she seemed to have found a new “happiness” in her life that motivated her.  Needless to say, I knew that it was not just the massage that day.

Years after that, I was training for a ski touring race and fell tearing my ACL ligament in my knee.  I was shocked to find that every doctor I saw wanted to immediately perform surgery.  I knew, as a physio, that it was not unstable and that I could strengthen it and avoid surgery.  I used visualisation and breathing to help me through the pain as I strengthened the muscles.  I managed to avoid surgery and now have a knee that is symptom-free and strong enough to continue skiing and running.  I realised how effortless it was to use breathing, simple meditations and visualisations to get through the day and manage activities while I was still having pain.  This inspired me to create a methodology that I could teach others who might have chronic illness and injuries so that they could manage more with less pain and fatigue in their day.

Since the start of my Megginson Method, I have worked with countless clients with chronic pain and auto-immune disease symptoms.  I have seen them go from barely getting by in their day due to chronic fatigue and pain to having active and enjoyable lifestyles again.  I have seen mothers regain their ability to enjoy playing with their children and individuals returning to work and to sports.

Penney’s Past Career

Penney holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology and Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami.  She is certified in pilates and yoga along with being a Master Practitioner in NLP and Certified EFT Practitioner.  She has trained in hypnotherapy and various meditation and breathing methodologies.  She has used all of her past knowledge to create the Megginson Method, an online program offering training for all individuals to reach their peak performance and a training certification for practitioners to teach these techniques to their patients/ clients.

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